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Track List:

01. We'll Be Free [ 3:47 ]
02. Scattered Girl [ 3:54 ]
03. Runaway [ 3:53 ]
04. Get Away [ 3:18 ]
05. Love Who You Want [ 3:09 ]
06. Shadows in the Shade [ 3:17 ]


  • Nalani & Sarina's 6-song EP, "Scattered World" is an eclectic group of songs featuring the twin's distinctive brand of soul-influenced pop-rock laced with their signature harmonies.  Adopting a storyteller approach, the songs cover a variety of subjects including social unity/justice, troubled youth and the growing pains of twenty-somethings. Joined by some of NYC's greatest sidemen - Will Lee, Oscar Rodriguez, Jim Hines, Leni Stern, Tommy Mandel - this EP with its heartfelt songs, emotionally played and sung, will touch the soul and keep you grooving all at once.

  • “…Scattered World, the singing duo's latest set, ‘some of the best music being made in 2016’ …”

    -Dave Marsh, Legendary Music Critic / Author / SiriusXM Radio Host


    “…Scattered World sounds like a well-blended mix of pop and soul with just the right amount of funk and rap added for extra flavor…”

    -Ken Grant, Delaware Arts Info

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