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Track list:


01. Pretty Lies [3:40]

02. Young & Inexperienced [3:45]

03. Welcome to the Rest of Your Life [3:18]

04. The Circle [3:57]

05. Wake Up [3:23]

06. Deep End [4:02]

07. Never Let Go of Your Hand [3:25]

08. Wanna Be With You [4:02]

09. Round Here [3:23]

10. Coming For You [4:08]

11. Tomorrow and Yesterday [4:15]


  • Nalani & Sarina's highly-anticipated album "The Circle" is an infectious blend of soul-infused pop-rock.  The song topics run the gamut, from romantic themes to career & social issues.  Billboard raves, "like other great songwriters, Nalani & Sarina are channeling the emotions of their era".  In addition to, their debut single, "Young & Inexperienced" has given them international recognition with features in The New York Post and MarketWatch, as well as interviews with BBC Worldwide and SiriusXM.

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